Tour starts in Jena (Germany) on Wednesday and we are playing a new song from our upcoming album!!


We are playing a weekender with our labelmates Black Everest in June!

2014.06.06 – Braunschweig/Wolfsburg/Magdeburg
2014.06.07 – Berlin/Dresden/Chemnitz
2014.06.08 – Bremen/Bielefeld/Münster

Any places aside from the mentioned cities are welcome as well!

Booking: christoph [at] momentofcollapse [dot] com

There is an interview with us in the current Outspoken Magazine! You can either order it online or buy it at your local newspaper store!

We are hitting the Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg again in the first week of September 2014 to start the recordings of our yet untitled second full-length, which is supposed to be a double LP! Pre-production is already in the making and we are most probably playing at least one new song on our tour in March 2014. Just sayin’….

We just had our last rehearsal for 2013 and since we have already become sentimental when we sifted through the pictures of our summer tour in the morning, we just want to use the chance to write something about the last 364 days.

This year has been exhausting for us. Both privately and when it comes to our band:
We released our first album „Marche Funèbre“ – yes, I’m fully aware of the fact that it actually came out in 2012 but since we released it just two weeks before the end of the year, it rather feels like a 2013 release – we overcame a necessitative line-up change, recorded songs for four releases whereof two have been released already and started the songwriting for our next full-length!
But the most important fact for us as a band is that we played 31 shows in 5 different countries and had an unforgettable time!

Nevertheless, 2014 will most probably be at least likewise exciting! First of all we will have some new merchandise in January and finally accomplish our 7inch trilogy by releasing the third part „Transgression III: Mental Enlighenment“. Furthermore we are touring again in March and we are playing the New Noise Festival in July! And right before we are recording our next full-length during summer, we are releasing another 12inch, but more info about that in 2014!

So we want to thank everyone who has put out our records, booked a show for us or just supported us by coming to our shows!

We owe you everything!

So it is still a lot of time left but we would like to play some shows in March 2014. We simply do not have any idea about a specific routing but mainly
aim – due to its shortness – on Germany andcities or areas we haven’t been before!

Period: 12.03.2014 – 16.03.2014

Shoot us your offers!

Some people might have been waiting for this! Repress of our debut LP by Alerta Antifascista Records (official)!
This time there are 150 copies on 180gr red vinyl with a A2 poster and a download code! Get one!

Weekender with ANTEATER!

• 27.09.2013 – Nexus, Braunschweig (Germany)
• 28.09.2013 – Cafe Trauma, Marburg (Germany)
• 29.09.2013 – Haus Mainusch, Mainz (Germany)

Our mate Adam from „Good Die Young Music“ put our LP on sale!
You can purchase a black copy for 7$ and a coloured one for 9$ which is a fair offer that is even worthwile for people from Europe!

Our amount of the „Marche Funèbre“ LP is sold out now! Thank you so much for your support! There are still some distros where you can pick one of the last copies!
We will probably publish a list of shops during the next days as well!

Our album „Marche Funebre“ is up on Spotify now!

Interview with the Italian zine „The New Noise“ & „Triggerfish“ online!

The tour is over! We played our last show with O and Jag Hatar in Cologne yesterday and now we are finally home and already got some sleep back!
The last two weeks have been beyond our expectations! We met so many great people again or for the very first time and enjoyed every single moment!
THANKS to anyone who was involved in that trip! Either promoters, bands, soundguys, people who gave us a floor to sleep or all the people who showed up at shows and turned this into an unforgettable adventure for us!
Just give us some days to relax now! All pending orders will ship during the next week and there will also be some tour leftovers!

We are working hard on our upcoming and first european tour ever. Booking is nearly finished but there are still some free dates open – so feel free to get in touch with us
if you want us in your town. Send a mail to: booking(at) – THANKS!


„Transgression“ is the next chapter in the short but eventful history of Red Apollo. The band did not just extend its soundscapes and improved its songwriting during the last months but grew with setbacks and decisions which finally led to being a four piece band from now on. The three songs are conceptual and pick up the great antagonism between the values and expectations which are inflicted by society and oneself’s anticipations towards life. The first Song „Transgression I: The Obsessions of the Earth“ will appear on a split 7inch with Gottesmorder from Italy via Alerta Antifascista. The release is scheduled for the mid of May 2013 right before our appearances at Alerta Antifascista Deathfest 2013.

Homepage update. Thanks!

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